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Long Time Coming: Wednesday Beer Store

Thursday, January 14th, 2010


It seems like an eternity since my last official Wednesday beer store visit. I had been on vacation during the Holidays and last week I was busy after returning to work. I feel like I should be headed to the principals office for skipping school.

I have no idea how busy the beer store was during my time away, but Matt (beer store beer buyer) said before my abscence that they would mostly be restocking the shelves for the Holiday season. So I don’t think there was much that I did miss, if any.

The welcome site of the beer store as I pulled up air jordan 4 femmes had me more excited to see Matt and talk a little shop rather than wondering what new liquid goodness had found its’ way to the shelves. Matt quickly let me know that they had hit a jackpot of beer yesterday. Some were retreads while others were new seasonal and one-time releases.

Run down of beers (not all listed, just the highlights):

A really good beer store visit to start the year off on the right foot. I only wish I had more money but that always seems to be the case. Enjoy!

Grand Rapids, Michigan Travels

Monday, December 28th, 2009

grand rapids, michigan

Hard to believe it has been nearly a week since I have found time to write something here. Hopefully the next few days will be a flurry of posts with the highlight a vertical of Short’s Brewing Company beers.

The trip erupted from a brain storming that my wife and I had Christmas evening. Yes, the kids had all their toys and were happy, but getting out of the house for a day (at least what I was thinking) would be fun, especially since it centered around beer. She one upped me and said that we should spend the night in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan since there was several places in and around there that I had mentioned I wanted to visit. nike cortez femmes Reservations were quickly made for a hotel (under $65 total, damn thrifty wife) and breweries, brew pubs, and beer stores quickly scouted for address information.

new holland brewery brew pub and eatery

Early Friday we were off with our first destination set in the GPS to New Holland Brewing Company. I was looking forward to doing a brewery hop while attending the 2:30pm (local time) brewery tour. Of course things are never as they seem. As we meandered through an industrial park we found a sheet metal sided building with no name on it being pointed at by the GPS. Luckily the basketball hoop had a New Holland sticker on it or I would have no idea where I was at. The next thing we noticed: no cars. Yes, it had been snowing but not enough to keep everyone away!?! The “truck” entrance on the side of the building was open and a single man walked. He said that everyone decided to take off for the holidays. That is great but how about publishing it on your website and/or on your phone recording. Honestly, that pissed me off.

We then set the GPS for New Holland Restaurant which was only a few minutes away and located in downtown New Holland. This place is well worth the visit. The food, the service, and, of course, the beer are all top notch. The prices are better than you would expect. I even got a free Dragon’s Milk on tap as the bartender somehow screwed up and poured an extra. Oh darn.

founders brewing company

Next destination: Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids. I really enjoy their beers and this was probably the place that I was most excited about visiting. Unfortunately, everyone, outside of my wife, fell asleep on the ride over. 🙁 Oh well, I took an outside picture, went inside, checked out the bar (the place is really a bar as ordering of food after 3pm seems to only take place through a little hole in the wall into the kitchen), and looked in awe at their brewing equipment. You could only see the equipment through windows, as they don’t give tours, nike kobe 9 but they have a huge facility/capacity based on what I could see. The place was jumping midday Saturday, so I couldn’t chew the fat with anyone.

The short visit was over. I didn’t have a beer as I didn’t want to keep my wife sitting in the car doing nothing while I enjoyed one of my vices. Off to Hop Cat which was less than a mile away.

hop cat brewpub

Hop Cat is a cozy street corner bar and brew pub. It was sort of dark and my oldest and myself just walked in to check it out. It seemed like all eyes were on us when we walked in. No matter. The patronage seemed a little more upscale but that was based on a quick scan of the bar. We walked to the back of the beer pub to look at their brewery. Small. About the size a master bedroom. Once again, because of the amount of places I wanted to see, nothing more than the walk through.

scilianos beer store

Siciliano’s beer store was our next destination a beer store that I have read good things about. I was a little apprehensive as other stores that had come highly recommended have come up short, way short, in the past.

Holy Cow! This place was awesome. Not big but a great use of space. Very friendly and helpful staff walked me around and helped me pick out beers not distributed to Chicagoland. Each beer on the shelves and in the coolers are all individually labeled for sale. Yes, you do not have to buy a six pack of anything. Just pick the beers, pick up an empty sixer cardboard case, and start filling it up. What a great idea and well welcomed idea. I ended up getting some 20 different beers, as I picked up a couple of doubles for Rich.

We stopped at the Hideout Brewing Company but they were closed. No indication that they would be closed.

grand rapids brewingc ompany

Off to Grand Rapids Brewing Company for a pint and dinner. The nostalgia that they had all around the restaurant was pretty cool; dating back to the early 1900s. nike kobe 9 elite gs Unfortunately that’s where they goodness sort of ran out. My wife and I had a pint of their beer that was average at best. The food was the same. Nothing special, nothing horrible, it just didn’t make us say wow like New Holland’s food did. The prices were average all the way around but based on the quality, I guess you could say overpriced. Our waitress was nothing fantastic as she made the job seem more like a chore. I would stop again to give them another chance.

Grand Rapids and area has a great wealth of breweries, brew pubs, beer stores, and beer bars all seemingly worth the visit. All the places I visited, especially Founders, I would like to go back on an adult tour so that I could have a pint or three at each of the places. Enjoy!

Almost Uneventful Beer Store Wednesday

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Another Wednesday has come and gone and so has another visit to the beer store. Based on what I was told last week this beer store visit should mostly be uneventful as they were just retreading the shelves for the holidays. I drove over there next expecting much but my usual banter about beer with Matt, the stores beer buyer. roshe run femmes Unfortunately and not Matt’s fault, I didn’t get much else this time around.

Two new beers were on the shelf:

I wouldn’t mind either one of these beers but my wife is still on the low fly zone when it comes to dumping money into my beer reviewing habit and I did spend a few bucks this weekend while up in Wisconsin. Matt once again reminded me that EisPhyre by Capital Brewery was well worth the investment. In spite of the shakes, I controlled myself and walked queitly away. Enjoy!

Beer Store Wednesday

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Sometimes Wednesday and a beer store visit seems to come quickly while other weeks it drags and it seems like I will never make it. This week was the former. Maybe I am counting down the days to my first official vacation of the year with great anticipation and everything else is just a side note. Yes, I lead a very exciting life.

The pinnacle of my week was here and with the utmost anticipation I braved the cold wind and snow while driving the quarter of mile to the beer store from my place of employment. During the arduous jaunt my thoughts turned to what liquid goodness would be new and on the shelves this week: a big imperial stout or russian, an outstanding holiday beer, etc. roshe run suede femmes I was going through an imaginary catalog of beers as I did the JCPenney catalog when I was surfing for toys at Christmas time as a youngster.

Through all the wonderment and potential amazement there was only one new beer. One beer that the beer store had never seen before. One beer that was suppose to keep the spark alive. One beer.

Eisphyre from the Square Series by Capital Brewery. That’s it. There were a few others but nothing really new, just retreads:

My wife had asked (you know in the way wives ask but are actually demanding) that I not purchase beer as much anymore since I am brewing and plenty of home brew to partake. Well, not to be mean to the breweries but with the offerings this week, no problem. Matt, the beer buyer at the store, already told me that next week is just a retread: filling up the shelves with beer that has been sold already. Oh joy. Enjoy!

Happiness for the Wednesday Beer Store Visit

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Wednesday morning:

After completing my work out this morning, my attention quickly turned to the wholesomeness of another beer store visit today. Would I get lucky with a limited release? Would there be a bourbon oak aged beer released this week? Would there be a bottle of 2 Turtle Doves still left over so I could pick one up and cellar? How come it always seems like the beers I would really love to try are never available in Illinois? How come I don’t know someone in each of the 50 states so I could have them keep me supplied with a rectitude of American craft beer from around the country? air jordan 6 In general: which American craft beers would find their way the store shelves this week?

Wednesday afternoon:

Walking into the beer store had an especially good feeling. You could almost say euphoric as I was anticipating something huge. It seems like each week I expect more and, for some strange reason, I am expecting something really rare and tasty to hit the shelves soon.

I quickly found Matt, who was busy with his usual work routine, but he took a couple of minutes to go over the new beer list. Unfortunately no big blockbuster as expected:

I guess the Founders Imperial Stout is actually an early release this year. I expect this to be outstanding as most of their beers I have had so far. Christmas beers were on sale so I picked up Christmas Ale by Goose Island Beer Co., Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing Company, and two more bottles of 2 Turtle Doves by The Bruery. Enjoy!

Wednesday Beer Store Time

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
Not the sign outside the store I visit but I enjoy retro style signs.

Not the sign outside the store I visit but I enjoy retro style signs.

I will be heading over to the beer store today around 2:00pm like usual. Supposedly the official papers were signed on Monday and my favorite beer store is now owned by a family owned chain in the area. I don’t know if they will continue to run the same specials for members and if my coupons will still hold merit. Also, the chain that purchased this store has slowly but surely buying up the competition. I don’t want all my stores in the area to be the same owner, there won’t be a any type of selection difference. Which, at the current time, is the main reason I go to different stores.

I guess time will tell what the transition will be and the plans for the store. air yeezy 2 femmes Unless something changes drastically, I will be going over there every Wednesday. If Travis isn’t there I will have to befriend the new beer guy and find out the new American craft beer scoop each week.

— continued after visit —

Travis is now working for a local distributor, so he will no longer be my beer guy, lol. The first person I ran into once inside the door happened to be the new beer buyer: Matt. Coincidence, I think not. Matt and I talked for about 10 minutes and he let me know that new shipments of beers will be coming in on Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe I have to make two trips a week? 🙂

In spite of all of the beer I have left over from the Oktoberfest festival, I purchased a sixer of Bell’s Rye Stout. I guess the distributors are already out and there isn’t much left. Will be tasting soon. Enjoy!


Beer Store Visit Day

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

It’s hard to believe another Wednesday is already here and brought another beer store visit upon me. No, I am not complaining; this one just seems to have quickly this week. I have been busy at work so the time has flown by to this point, this week. Let’s hope I don’t jinx myself.

rest in peace sam's liquors

Since this is my birthday month at my favorite beer store in which I am a card carrying member, I have received coupons for 10% off, a free item from the deli, and another $5 off coupon. Not bad. I will have to get something today but since I have 20 bombers of liquid goodness sitting at home from Russ and Jay, I will keep it to a minimum.

What American craft beer will has its number called today? I am heading for the store now. Finish writing this in an hour.

On another note, roshe run nm br I read in the local paper over the weekend and online that my favorite beer store, which is family owned, sold out to another local family beer store chain. I hope that things don’t change too much as I have been to the other chain before also. I liked the fact that each had it’s own nuances. Also, I hope they keep the store right across from work open and Travis game-fully employed.

Well, the news wasn’t good and not horrible either. No new beer this week as they await the official buy out this coming Monday. But, unfortunately, the buyers haven’t said a thing to any of the employees in terms of keeping jobs, changes, etc. If you have been through a buyout it is a tough place to be. Why? You don’t know from day-to-day if you will have a job: will you be fired, or laid off, or they close the store. You don’t know what to expect. And the worst, you lose all motivation to go to work, to do a good job, etc. I have been through it and I am sure Travis will come out of the other end for the best.

On a selfish note: I hope they just change the name and don’t close the store. I would imagine I will know in the short term.

Only three days until Two Beer Dudes Oktoberfest. I have a lot of work to do. Enjoy!

Wednesday Afternoon With The Beer Store

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

founders brewing company

Oh, what a sigh of relief, another Wednesday and another beer store visit. Why can’t I spend 8 hours a day in the beer store and only 20 minutes per week at work? That would make me so happy. I believe my stress level would drop exponentially. I wonder what play I could devise to make this become a reality? The wheels are turning.

Travis was at lunch when I arrived, which shortened my trip. It isn’t the same when you don’t have your own special guided tour with a really knowledgeable person to take you on said tour. Air Jordan Femme Needless to say, I have to go on memory of what is new and what has been there.

I am sure there are a few things I missed but Curmudgeon from Founders Brewing was sitting right in the middle of the isle and, I believe, it had a spotlight shining down upon it.

I had some one year, oak aged Curmudgeon at Great Lake Brew Fest about a month ago. Outstanding.

I look forward to having one (or more) this weekend as I celebrate my 40th birthday. Enjoy!

Beer Store Visit Duldrums

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

sahara desert sunrise

Wednesday is easily the highlight of my week: I go for my beer store visit and I play hoops at night. This Wednesday was far from perfect.

In the AM I get an email from the guy who organizes Wednesday night hoops stating that we don’t have 10 guys to play. Hoops is canceled. Ugh. My big exercise day down the tubes. At least I have my beer store visit after lunch, all is not lost.

Yeah, I had the visit but I couldn’t find Travis: the beer buyer for the store. air jordan 6 He is my personal guide each week going over the new American craft beers that have arrived on the shelves. Sometimes I even get a sneak peak at the beers they won’t put on the shelves. 🙂 We also talk about beer in general, brewing, and just the usual guy-to-guy banter.

No guided tour, no beer talk, no brewery talk, and no basketball. This dry of a Wednesday equates to the Sahara Desert of Wednesdays. Oh well, I will start thinking of next week in which I will get to weeks worth of beer updates. Happy October. Enjoy!

Break Up My Week: Beer Store Wednesday

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
Some good old cows by the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Some good old cows by the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Oh yeah, it is Wednesday, time for another beer store visit. Even thought I promised my wife I wouldn’t be purchasing any new beers (unless life-or-death), I still brought my wallet. If she asks, it was out of habit

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this in roshe run flywire the past but I thought it was a safe assumption: since the site is based on American craft beer, my purchases and questions center around that idea. When I go to the beer store, there are many other foreign and macro beers that they get in each week, just not that interested.

This week was a little slow with the following new faces:

The Torpedo Extra IPA was just a refill as they haven’t had it in stock for a while. It is a year round beer. Anniversary Ale is one that is made around this time every year by Sierra Nevada. Hoptober I purchased up in Wisconsin recently, strange that it took another 2 – 3 weeks longer to get here. Best Brown is a really good beer and I almost pulled the trigger but it has hard to hide a five liter in your pocket. 🙂

Travis and I did get a few minutes to chat about beer and brewing. Always two topics on the top of my list. We both have been curtailing our drinking as of late, so we could only talk about beers of days gone past. Enjoy!