Wednesday Beer Store Time

By scot in Lounge on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Not the sign outside the store I visit but I enjoy retro style signs.

Not the sign outside the store I visit but I enjoy retro style signs.

I will be heading over to the beer store today around 2:00pm like usual. Supposedly the official papers were signed on Monday and my favorite beer store is now owned by a family owned chain in the area. I don’t know if they will continue to run the same specials for members and if my coupons will still hold merit. Also, the chain that purchased this store has slowly but surely buying up the competition. I don’t want all my stores in the area to be the same owner, there won’t be a any type of selection difference. Which, at the current time, is the main reason I go to different stores.

I guess time will tell what the transition will be and the plans for the store. air yeezy 2 femmes Unless something changes drastically, I will be going over there every Wednesday. If Travis isn’t there I will have to befriend the new beer guy and find out the new American craft beer scoop each week.

— continued after visit —

Travis is now working for a local distributor, so he will no longer be my beer guy, lol. The first person I ran into once inside the door happened to be the new beer buyer: Matt. Coincidence, I think not. Matt and I talked for about 10 minutes and he let me know that new shipments of beers will be coming in on Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe I have to make two trips a week? 🙂

In spite of all of the beer I have left over from the Oktoberfest festival, I purchased a sixer of Bell’s Rye Stout. I guess the distributors are already out and there isn’t much left. Will be tasting soon. Enjoy!


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