Long Time Coming: Wednesday Beer Store

By scot in Beer on Thursday, January 14th, 2010


It seems like an eternity since my last official Wednesday beer store visit. I had been on vacation during the Holidays and last week I was busy after returning to work. I feel like I should be headed to the principals office for skipping school.

I have no idea how busy the beer store was during my time away, but Matt (beer store beer buyer) said before my abscence that they would mostly be restocking the shelves for the Holiday season. So I don’t think there was much that I did miss, if any.

The welcome site of the beer store as I pulled up air jordan 4 femmes had me more excited to see Matt and talk a little shop rather than wondering what new liquid goodness had found its’ way to the shelves. Matt quickly let me know that they had hit a jackpot of beer yesterday. Some were retreads while others were new seasonal and one-time releases.

Run down of beers (not all listed, just the highlights):

A really good beer store visit to start the year off on the right foot. I only wish I had more money but that always seems to be the case. Enjoy!

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