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By scot in Beer, Lounge on Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Sometimes Wednesday and a beer store visit seems to come quickly while other weeks it drags and it seems like I will never make it. This week was the former. Maybe I am counting down the days to my first official vacation of the year with great anticipation and everything else is just a side note. Yes, I lead a very exciting life.

The pinnacle of my week was here and with the utmost anticipation I braved the cold wind and snow while driving the quarter of mile to the beer store from my place of employment. During the arduous jaunt my thoughts turned to what liquid goodness would be new and on the shelves this week: a big imperial stout or russian, an outstanding holiday beer, etc. roshe run suede femmes I was going through an imaginary catalog of beers as I did the JCPenney catalog when I was surfing for toys at Christmas time as a youngster.

Through all the wonderment and potential amazement there was only one new beer. One beer that the beer store had never seen before. One beer that was suppose to keep the spark alive. One beer.

Eisphyre from the Square Series by Capital Brewery. That’s it. There were a few others but nothing really new, just retreads:

My wife had asked (you know in the way wives ask but are actually demanding) that I not purchase beer as much anymore since I am brewing and plenty of home brew to partake. Well, not to be mean to the breweries but with the offerings this week, no problem. Matt, the beer buyer at the store, already told me that next week is just a retread: filling up the shelves with beer that has been sold already. Oh joy. Enjoy!

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