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By scot in Beer on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Two scores for the week: Ichabod by New Holland and Hop Whore by Tyranena

Two scores for the week: Ichabod by New Holland and Hop Whore by Tyranena

Oh, how I could barely wait for another Wednesday afternoon for my weekly beer store visit. I just had a big haul on Labor Day with a road trip up to Madison, WI and spent more than I anticipated (isn’t that the way it always ends up?). I knew I had to keep things to a minimum or I would hear it from the boss later at home.

With that in mind and all the new selections this week, match supreme txt femmes my mind started to race as my knees were week from brew overload, I had to choose something. I hate pressure. 🙂

So with little hesitation I selected Ichabod by New Holland Brewing Company and Hop Whore by Tyranena Brewing Company.

Strangely enough, before I went to the store, I was on New Holland’s website checking out their seasonal brews. I noticed Ichabod and wondered why it wasn’t on the final list for Two Beer Dudes Oktoberfest. I thought the name was more interesting than anything and a beer with a headless man riding a horse on the label; how could I pass it up?

Hop Whore was a pseudo throw in as I have heard it is a good beer and it is only a four pack. The bright yellow, cardboard case sticks out like a sore thumb. I wanted to make it feel loved and wanted, as well as equal out the load: one package in each hand.

So another beer for Oktoberfest and another big Imperial IPA for me. Enjoy!

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