Beer Store Visit Day

By scot in Lounge on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

It’s hard to believe another Wednesday is already here and brought another beer store visit upon me. No, I am not complaining; this one just seems to have quickly this week. I have been busy at work so the time has flown by to this point, this week. Let’s hope I don’t jinx myself.

rest in peace sam's liquors

Since this is my birthday month at my favorite beer store in which I am a card carrying member, I have received coupons for 10% off, a free item from the deli, and another $5 off coupon. Not bad. I will have to get something today but since I have 20 bombers of liquid goodness sitting at home from Russ and Jay, I will keep it to a minimum.

What American craft beer will has its number called today? I am heading for the store now. Finish writing this in an hour.

On another note, roshe run nm br I read in the local paper over the weekend and online that my favorite beer store, which is family owned, sold out to another local family beer store chain. I hope that things don’t change too much as I have been to the other chain before also. I liked the fact that each had it’s own nuances. Also, I hope they keep the store right across from work open and Travis game-fully employed.

Well, the news wasn’t good and not horrible either. No new beer this week as they await the official buy out this coming Monday. But, unfortunately, the buyers haven’t said a thing to any of the employees in terms of keeping jobs, changes, etc. If you have been through a buyout it is a tough place to be. Why? You don’t know from day-to-day if you will have a job: will you be fired, or laid off, or they close the store. You don’t know what to expect. And the worst, you lose all motivation to go to work, to do a good job, etc. I have been through it and I am sure Travis will come out of the other end for the best.

On a selfish note: I hope they just change the name and don’t close the store. I would imagine I will know in the short term.

Only three days until Two Beer Dudes Oktoberfest. I have a lot of work to do. Enjoy!

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