Almost Uneventful Beer Store Wednesday

Another Wednesday has come and gone and so has another visit to the beer store. Based on what I was told last week this beer store visit should mostly be uneventful as they were just retreading the shelves for the holidays. I drove over there next expecting much but my usual banter about beer with Matt, the stores beer buyer. roshe run femmes Unfortunately and not Matt’s fault, I didn’t get much else this time around.

Two new beers were on the shelf:

I wouldn’t mind either one of these beers but my wife is still on the low fly zone when it comes to dumping money into my beer reviewing habit and I did spend a few bucks this weekend while up in Wisconsin. Matt once again reminded me that EisPhyre by Capital Brewery was well worth the investment. In spite of the shakes, I controlled myself and walked queitly away. Enjoy!

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