24 Beers of Christmas: Day 9

By scot in 24 Beers of Christmas, Beer on Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Day 9 of the 24 beer of Christmas is Figgy Pudding, an Belgian Dubbel, from Art History Brewing in Geneva, Illinois. Hard to believe that Figgy Pudding is the first beer I have had the chance to try from Art History Brewing, a brewery that is only 25 minutes from the house. Lazy? Possibly. More like busy with three teenagers.

Figgy Pudding is considered to be a Belgian Dubbel. The color of the beer is spot on but then it falls off from there. The aroma and taste are not reminiscent of a Dubbel, further, there is just an oddness to this beer overall. There doesn’t seem to be a flaw in the brewing process, just execution. I would not have this beer again. Enjoy!

  • Look: 8.1/10.0
  • Aroma: 6.4/10.0
  • Taste: 5.1/10.0
  • Mouthfeel: 5.3/10.0
  • Overall: 5.2/10.0
  • Rating: 5.63/10.0

Useless Fact: Queen Elizabeth II is a trained mechanic.

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