24 Beers of Christmas: Day 20

By scot in 24 Beers of Christmas, Beer on Monday, December 20th, 2021

Day 20 of the 24 beer of Christmas is Bernie Hot Chocolate, a Milk Stout, from Noon Whistle Brewing in Naperville, Illinois. There was a period of time that I would drive out to Lombard every chance that I got to taste the liquid goodness that Noon Whistle was producing. Now that they have a location closer to me I have found myself visiting less. They haven’t changed the quality of their beer, life just doesn’t afford me that comfort.

Bernie being a milk stout is a really good start. The label said hot chocolate on so I wasn’t sure what that meant. With a bit of research, Bernie is a staple milk stout, the hot chocolate is a special version of that beer. Noon Whistle has done other versions of the base beer as well. This is an extremely sweet beer. The chocolate, lactose and vanilla play are great tune but they do it over a bed of sugar that doesn’t agree with me. I wouldn’t have this beer again. Enjoy!

  • Look: 9.1/10.0
  • Aroma: 6.8/10.0
  • Taste: 4.4/10.0
  • Mouthfeel: 7.4/10.0
  • Overall: 5.0/10.0
  • Rating: 5.68/10.0

Useless Fact: The infinity sign is called a lemniscate.

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