24 Beers of Christmas: Day 8

By scot in 24 Beers of Christmas, Beer on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Day 8 of the 24 beer of Christmas is Advent of Hay’z, an New England India Pale Ale, from Oswego Beer Company in Oswego, Illinois. The first beer of the bunch that actually proclaimed itself as being specifically made for this advent calendar put out by Lodi Tap House. I couldn’t wait to give this beer a try as it is play on the best beer that Oswego Beer Company makes: Hay’z for Horsez.

The first beer from the advent calendar that is a flat out home run. Liking the style of the beer, having it fresh, and Oswego keeping the beer to style (no spice, no tea, and no maple) makes this a joy for the season. The hop profile is solid while the finish perfectly fits the beer. I would have this again and again. Enjoy!

  • Look: 9.3/10.0
  • Aroma: 8.6/10.0
  • Taste: 8.8/10.0
  • Mouthfeel: 7.7/10.0
  • Overall: 8.6/10.0
  • Rating: 8.63/10.0

Useless Fact: It’s impossible to tickle yourself.

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