Two Beer Dudes Taking Shape

By scot in Site Updates on Monday, October 5th, 2009

Two Beer Dudes, the site, is starting to take shape in terms of fitting into the new design. The demo of the new design, which is pretty much finished outside of the navigation, can be visited at

The current links within the navigation are done for the time being. Rich and I have other plans for what we want to add, time is just limited. We had originally planned to have them for the October launch, but we just can’t fit them in as the October official launch might have to be moved back until November.

95% of the functionality on the site is finished but everything that is needed to create an account and review a beer is finished. The add a beer section is finished also. I will be working, this week, on the functionality to add an establishment (brewery, beer store, beer bar, etc).

The only way this site will be successful is with participation, so please go and create an account, review some beers, and provide your feedback on the site and any bugs that you run into. Enjoy!

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