Reviewed: Tyranena Dirty Old Man

By scot in Beer on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

The Brewers Gone Wild series of beers by Tyranena Brewing has been pretty good for me. I have had only four different flavors with a fifth (Chipolte) in the cellar. I am looking forward to that one even more as I believe the base beer for Dirty Old Man is the one for Chipolte.

Dirty Old Man, a beer that the labels states is an “imperial rye porter aged in rye whiskey barrels,” is a complete home run in my book. The complexities abound creating a titillating experience for the senses.

The malts are nicely balanced to give the chocolate, coffee, and roasted experience you expect in a good porter, while the whiskey adds some alcohol, with the rye throwing in a bit of spiciness, and, on top of all that, there is a layer of dark fruit that seems to keep the beer wet even though it wants to dry.

I don’t know how easy this one is to still pick up off the store shelves but if you have a local place you can pick even one up, don’t hesitate. Keep your eyes out for their next installment as their sites mentions it will be some type of Wisconsin/Belgian IPA. Whatever they want to call it, I am sure it will be liquid goodness in a bottle. Enjoy!

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