Brew Kettle Purchase

By scot in Home Brewing on Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Brew kettle

In my quest to brew my first beer, I had to purchase a brew kettle. Not just any brew kettle, it was going to have be something that I researched, asked questions, asked more questions, and then find it as cheaply as I possibly could. It is the way of Scot. 🙂

I checked out google. air jordan 4 I read posts made on brewing forums. I went to my first brew club meeting and asked so many questions I almost think they wanted to kick me out of the club before I became a member.

For all my research I decided on a 20 quart, stainless steel brew kettle. But, are all of these pots created the same? Polar Ware seemed to be the name I heard most often. That was easy as the local homebrew shop had these in stock. Where they cheaper than everyone else though? Yes, and since I joined the local home brew club I now get 5% all purchases. Can’t beat that.

So with my oldest daughter, I headed to the shop to pick up the kettle and some pbw cleaning powder as I have a huge smudge in the bottom of the one carboy that my brother-in-laws used and didn’t clean. I will let the pbw sit for a few days and, from what I hear, I should be able to use the carboy brush to get that out easily.

I also cleaned the labels off of 20 or so bombers that I will reuse for my bottling. Two hours of non-fun. I hope to be brewing in two weeks (I think I keep saying that). Hopefully my porter will be ready to go by Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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