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Two Beer Dudes Site Changes

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Summer goes by so quickly and I am so ridiculously busy that Two Beer Dudes web site updates are the least of my worries. Somehow, some way, I found the time to add a privacy policy and user agreement to the site. Yeah, nothing fancy but they were needed.

Rich had found the templates on the web and sent them to me back in November of last year. Procrastination is king! Both documents can are on the login and create account portions of the site. Both documents are also from a template so they are nothing fancy. I just added in Two Beer Dudes where appropriate and weeded out some stuff that didn’t pertain to us. Now I can sleep at night. 😉

With the long days winding down in Chicagoland, I will soon find myself with a lot of “dark” time to do nothing but code away. Enjoy!

Dark Lord Day 2010

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Two Beer Dudes had a successful Dark Lord Day. Enough said.

Two Beer Dudes More Site Updates

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

In our continued quest to get all the functionality we believe the Two Beer Dudes site needs before taking off the “beta” moniker, some updates were made to the site. The changes:

  • The contact us page is no longer a dead link. You can now contact the Two Beer Dudes. Just be patient while waiting for a reply.
  • If you have an account and you are logged in, there will a an “update” icon next to the name of a beer on a beer review page. The update link allows a user to submit information about a potential change to a beer. Requests need to be specific and do your research first
  • A beer now marked as retired will show up on the site as so and be grouped with other retired beers on an establishments page.

Until I have time to make some more, which it is need of, these will have to suffice. Hopefully it makes the experience more enriching. Enjoy!

Two Beer Dudes Site Updates

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Yes the plural on the updates is correct as three new changes have occurred over this past weekend on Two Beer Dudes web site. Even though the site has been up for about six months or so, we still consider it a beta. We have a ton more plans for the site and hope to continue to make it more user friendly.

Google maps is now enabled. This update actually is in two parts. The first is the use of google maps to plot an establishment on the web site. There is now a link, supposedly looking like a map, to the right of the establishment name that links to the map page. A full beer glass to designate the location on the map. The second part is listing any establishments, up to 10, that are within a 20 mile radius of said establishment. Since this is retrofit, not all establishments have had latitude and longitude set, so once they are clicked on, this data is updated. Since I am from the Chicagoland area, nike kobe 9 elite gs I clicked on all appropriate places nearby and the right-hand column shows those places nicely.

The second update is the search feature is now actually functional and tied into the database. Now you can select beer, establishment, or user and receive a reply back about the availability of that information in the database. It currently just breaks up the search criteria into individual words and searches each. The functionality of the search should be expanded in the future.

The final change of the weekend was adding content to the about us page. I cannot really take credit for this one as Rich created all the content that is on the page. I still have to create my section of the page. Now you can get some exciting information about the Two Beer Dudes. 🙂

Contact us page is right around the corner as that is a simple form but probably won’t see the light of day for a week or so. Enough for being easy. Enjoy!

New Way To Review American Craft Beer

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Despite being completely under the weather this weekend, I found a little bit of time to make a new way to review American craft beer come to life.

Ed, long time friend and supposedly still working on Two Beer Dudes logo, said that he doesn’t do reviews on any sites because he doesn’t want to write down his thoughts and take away from the experience of enjoying the beer. That is verified by the fact that he was the first person to sign up for Two Beer Dudes, besides Rich and I, and he still has not done a review. 😉

He said that he had an idea that would make him review: get rid of the comments and any other portion of a review that takes time to write, and just give him a few categories and allow for a number rating. air max 90 After about 30 minutes of some back-and-forth, I had a pretty good idea of what he had in mind.

The categories will be: aroma, taste, look, and drinkability. Each of these four categories will be denoted with a slider on the page that has a value of 1 through 10; keeping with the rating scale currently used. Slide the slider and change the overall rating of the beer. That simple.

Aroma and taste will comprise 25% of the score, look another 15%, and drinkability will pick up the rear with 35% of the overall rating score. This score will be based on, you guessed it, 10 total.

This new rating system is currently called a “Short” beer review.

There is one caveat: once you decide to use one or the other rating system for a particular beer and you submit your rating, you cannot change that rating over to the other style. You can change styles between beers, just not on a particular beer once you have submitted that review. You can edit the review, just not change it.

Depending on your mood or style, you can make a review which ever way you want. Enjoy!

Long Overdue Sips Redesign

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

It is hard to believe that almost eight months ago I started blogging on Sips, Two Beer Dudes Blog, which are reading now. In all that time I have been using the default design that comes with wordpress out of the box. Nothing fancy but functional. Not that the new design is complete but it makes the blog now feel like it is part of the “normal” two beer dudes site. Hopefully it won’t be another eight months before I get inspired to knock out some more of the design work. Enjoy!

Stockholm’s Visit Slated for Sunday

Monday, January 25th, 2010

stockholm's restaurant and brewery geneva, il

Stockholm’s restaurant and brewery, located in Geneva, IL, is the next brewery hop that Two Beer Dudes will be on. We will be hanging out with Michael Olesen, the owner, talking about Stockholm’s and having a few beers. We are going to try and do our first video. It will be short, a few pertinent questions long, and then the rest will be the old fashioned way: paper and pencil. I am just not too sure our video camera will have high enough quality, which worries me some.

I plan on bringing a bomber of Pot Licker Chocolate Stout to share and get a professionals opinion. I am excited about Sunday and look forward to a good time. Enjoy!

Two Beer Dudes Web Site Updates

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Two Beer Dudes had some site updates made yesterday per a phone call from a friend. He and a co-worker where trying to create accounts but no matter what user name they chose they couldn’t create an account. Oops! A transposed true and false in my code made every user name always used. Maybe this is why no one has joined up lately. 🙁

I still consider the site in a beta stage as not all pages have yet to be converted into the style of the site and there is a lot of user profile code that has yet to be written. I plan on getting to this code sometime over the next month or so. At that point, the site should be at version 1.0 beta. I am waiting for more people to contact me with errors on the site as I am sure there are plenty. Also, feel free to suggest any changes, edits, updates to processes on the site. So get cracking and use the site to help me flush out the bugs. Enjoy!

Happy New Year From Two Beer Dudes

Friday, January 1st, 2010

beer toast

Two Beer Dudes want to wish everyone a happy, safe, and prosperous 2010. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving From Two Beer Dudes

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving from Two Beer Dudes!

happy thanksgiving from two beer dudes