Updated User Stats With Beer Stats

By scot in Site Updates on Monday, January 16th, 2012

I worked on the site again. Did you feel the earth move? It has been a month since the last site updates and more than an year prior to that. So they are getting more frequent actually.

There was a change made sometime before the trends in which I added statistics for a user, based on their site usage: American craft beer reviews and American craft establishment reviews. After I made the change, which was prompted by Rich, he asked why I didn’t have the statistics link to the statistics behind them. Good thing I have nothing but time on my hands.

American craft beer statistics are now linked to the beers reviewed by that site member. The end page displays the name of the beer, the name of the brewery, the rating, the style, the ABV, the IBU, and the date reviewed. Of course everything within is linked to the corresponding pages within Two Beer Dudes.

I am not completely satisfied with the current state of the change because of some decisions I made coding it. I plan on fixing those shortly. Enjoy!

Useless Fact: Queen termites may live for fifty years.

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