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By scot in Beer, Home Brewing, Lounge on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Beer festivals are fun to attend and give American craft beer connoisseurs a great chance to try many beers, meet others, and converse with the brewers/owners of said establishments. In order for these festivals to continue to be assessable and desirable by the masses they need to continue to attract good breweries, limit the number of them, and keep the cost in check.

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The most important way to attract beer affectionados is to make sure there are plenty of quality breweries represented both locally and country wide. The locals air jordan 1 can sometime be hard to get in your home state, depending on size and distribution. Obviously there are many high quality breweries throughout this great country and getting a few to throw their craft beer into the fold will only sweeten the kitty for potential attendees.

Beer festivals are growing in number and popularity. Like anything good, there is a point of over saturation and just because you hold a festival doesn’t mean it will fill up with paying consumers. Everyone wants a piece of the financial puzzle but if they don’t police themselves, the attendance by both breweries and drinkers will dwindle. If there is a festival closer to home, rather than driving several hours or more, people will stay locally. It also makes it easier for getting back home.

Another very important aspect of these festivals is cost. There are some tough economic times and the amount of money people have for leisure activities is quickly shrinking. So keeping costs to the beer drinkers low, is important. To me, the idea should be for the breweries to have a chance to have a large group of people try and go home and buy their product. Why gouge these people to have this chance? Some festivals are reaching the $50 range with a limit on drinks per person. $50 is expensive to begin with let alone having the drink limit. I spent $35 on a no-limit festival I went to this summer, air jordan 3 thought it was a bit high, but I paid it and enjoyed myself. Of course their were a ton of great breweries.

Only time will tell if the ceiling will be hit on American craft beer festivals, until then I will continue to seek out festivals that are in my price range and have a good list of breweries on the bill.

Off this topic but still on beer. Some of the macro breweries do put out funny commercials and I enjoy a good laugh: Enjoy!

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