Home Brew Pot Licker Milk Stout Cocoa and Jalapeno (365 Day 334)

home brew

While home brewing I always feel the experience is made better with a few home brews. Rich found his way over in the middle of the boil, so we started out with a bomber of Autumn Sun.

Next, after we racked the beer to the carboy and pitched some yeast, I opened up some Pot Licker Milk Stout that I had put on cocoa nibs. Per usual the beer hadn’t carbonated in the two weeks since bottling, so we had to endure a partially flat edition. Cocoa was evident and, in this early version, seemed to be perfectly balanced.

The last bottle was another twelve ounces of Pot Licker Milk Stout but this bottle was aged on cocoa and roasted jalapeno. Since I used the same amount of cocoa nibs that I used in the other, the chocolate was spot on. The jalapeno was a flavor addition but it only came through vaguely.

On the next go around I will add a bit more roasted jalapeno to up the amount of roastiness and hopefully add just a touch of a bite. Enjoy!

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