Dark Lord Day Eve

By scot in Midwest Beer News on Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Yes this is going to be one of the countless blogs that will be written over the next few days about Dark Lord Days. How is mine any different, how does mine shed any new light on the day, why do you want to read it? Nothing different, no new light, and there is no compelling reason to read it.

Rich and I are planning on taking plenty of pictures and, barring the expected rain, some video to share on the site with those who couldn’t make the event. We are going to try and get a little bit on every facet of the day.

There is a new post on the Dark Lord Day blog mentioning where people can and cannot park at the event. Hopefully that will make finding a safe spot easier but our 8:30am expected time of arrival will be good enough. Enjoy!


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