Dark Lord Day 2011 Recap

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Dark Lord Day 2011 Scratch Off Ticket

Because it happens only once a year and it is one of the biggest get together for beer geeks in the Midwest; on why Dark Lord Day is such a big deal. This year everything changed. I would say for the better.

When days like this start to get out of hand, as they did last year, more rules are good. The rules really helped to keep the day running smoothly, get rid of some of the over crowded goofyness, stop a lot of line jumping, and just make the day easier and more enjoyable for people like myself just picking up beer and leaving.

Yes, I had to leave early as there was a family communion. Stinks but family is important. My wife already informed me that my middle child will be having communion next year and could quite possibly land on Dark Lord Day 2012, not allowing me to even attend. YUCK!

It took us a mere two hours to go through the entire line and get our beer. Chuck and I met two Illinois locals: Tim and Brendan, that were kind enough to share a few beers with us while we were in line. After numerous people in line helped solve today’s cross word puzzle, the four four of us talked home brewing, Dark Lord Days past, American craft beer, trying to open a brew pub, and various other tidbits. The addition of their conversation was appreciated.

After getting our beers we huddled up around my car for a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2010), Founders Nemesis (2010), Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, and a Three Floyds Dark Lord (2009). A quality selection of beers.

In all the day was great. We had an hour of sun light to warm the air, people were courteous, and the process of getting a beer was fairly quick. My only gripes are the fact I couldn’t make a day of it and that Rich had a different time, not allowing me to have a few brews with a good friend. Enjoy!

Videos of how big the crowd was:

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