Fulton and Great Waters Releasing New Beers

By scot in Midwest Beer News on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Looks like this summer will be a little more fun up in Minnesota as two of the local breweries are releasing new beers, for the summer, per their newsletters.

Fulton Beer will be releasing, tomorrow actually, Lonely Blonde. From their newsletter:

An American style blonde ale, the Lonely Blonde is so named because it is one of the only examples of the style to be found locally. Though the Blonde is American born and raised, its distinct old world roots are clear, thanks to the three German hop varieties we add during the boil. The Lonely Blonde is an exceptionally balanced beer, light enough for the hottest summer day, but complex enough to keep you company any day of the year.

Great Waters Brewing Company will be releasing a new beer for the summer also: Skip & Go Naked. From their facebook account:

Skip and Go Naked has returned! It’s a pushed seasonal made with naked oats, wheat, barley, and lemongrass. Light, clean, delicious!

Looks like some fun should be had in a little north of here. Enjoy!

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