Grass Cutter Home Brew Smells Wonderful

By scot in Home Brewing on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

I opened the closet this evening to take a look at Grass Cutter and how well it was fermenting. To my surprise my nose was greeted with a closet full of soft orange. Nothing over powering, almost serene in nature at how perfect the aroma seemed to be. No, I am not beating my chest about my beer but the aroma is candy for the nose.

This is my second brewing of Grass Cutter. This time around I added some orange zest and crushed coriander.

Now, I know from hops, that the aroma can be great in fermentation but all the aroma is blowing off through the blow off tube, never to be seen of again. So my thoughts turn to the idea that all this beautiful orange on the nose my shine brightest before it ever sniffs the bottle.

I will keep to my guns and not add anymore to the brite tank or after primary is finished, I want the true notes of the coriander and orange at the last five minutes of boil to come out.

Obviously time will tell and I hoping that some of this aroma finds it way into the bottle. Enjoy!

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