Reviewed: Two Brothers Resistance IPA


Two Brothers Brewing Company isn’t that far from home from me and even closer to my place of employment. Unbelievably I don’t make it out there all that often. Now this is due for two main factors: I haven’t been blown away by their offerings and the last time I tried to go there for a few beers after work, they were packed.

The first factor doesn’t need an explanation but maybe the second does. I prefer places that are at best about 75% full. I like to have a place to sit and I don’t want to feel like a sardine packed into a tight little corner spot. Why? I am fat, tall, and just an all around (no pun intended) big person. I need my damn space.

Each beer I get from Two Brothers I usually put off drinking until the mood strikes me. Their new Resistance IPA was given to me (as a sixer) by a coworker of my wife. I have given him at least 18 beers in the past (I enjoy sharing) but I have never received anything back. No, I don’t give beer and expect returns until it gets out of hand. Wash that hand that takes care of you. Enough of me bitching.

I had four Resistance IPAs before I even rated it; one damn good beer. I think that Two Brothers has done a great job here and kudos to them. I wouldn’t say it is a hop bomb like some people desire before they give a beer a good grade but a beer that is well balanced, easy drinking, delicious beer. I have already bought another six pack and plan on keeping this one in the normal cellar rotation.

Now, with that review, don’t worry, I plan on giving them another stop by after work to try some on tap. I hope they continue to bring it strong as it would be nice to have an outstanding, sought after brewery that close. Enjoy!

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