Two Beer Dudes Web Site Updates

By scot in Site Updates on Friday, January 15th, 2010

Two Beer Dudes had some site updates made yesterday per a phone call from a friend. He and a co-worker where trying to create accounts but no matter what user name they chose they couldn’t create an account. Oops! A transposed true and false in my code made every user name always used. Maybe this is why no one has joined up lately. 🙁

I still consider the site in a beta stage as not all pages have yet to be converted into the style of the site and there is a lot of user profile code that has yet to be written. I plan on getting to this code sometime over the next month or so. At that point, the site should be at version 1.0 beta. I am waiting for more people to contact me with errors on the site as I am sure there are plenty. Also, feel free to suggest any changes, edits, updates to processes on the site. So get cracking and use the site to help me flush out the bugs. Enjoy!

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