New Way To Review American Craft Beer

By scot in Site Updates on Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Despite being completely under the weather this weekend, I found a little bit of time to make a new way to review American craft beer come to life.

Ed, long time friend and supposedly still working on Two Beer Dudes logo, said that he doesn’t do reviews on any sites because he doesn’t want to write down his thoughts and take away from the experience of enjoying the beer. That is verified by the fact that he was the first person to sign up for Two Beer Dudes, besides Rich and I, and he still has not done a review. 😉

He said that he had an idea that would make him review: get rid of the comments and any other portion of a review that takes time to write, and just give him a few categories and allow for a number rating. air max 90 After about 30 minutes of some back-and-forth, I had a pretty good idea of what he had in mind.

The categories will be: aroma, taste, look, and drinkability. Each of these four categories will be denoted with a slider on the page that has a value of 1 through 10; keeping with the rating scale currently used. Slide the slider and change the overall rating of the beer. That simple.

Aroma and taste will comprise 25% of the score, look another 15%, and drinkability will pick up the rear with 35% of the overall rating score. This score will be based on, you guessed it, 10 total.

This new rating system is currently called a “Short” beer review.

There is one caveat: once you decide to use one or the other rating system for a particular beer and you submit your rating, you cannot change that rating over to the other style. You can change styles between beers, just not on a particular beer once you have submitted that review. You can edit the review, just not change it.

Depending on your mood or style, you can make a review which ever way you want. Enjoy!

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