Hop 15 Ale Review

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Monday, January 4th, 2010

In trying to keep with my beer reviewing new year resolutions, I decided to give Hop 15 Ale by Port Brewing Company. Hop 15 is an American Imperial IPA that was just the beer for the other evening: not too much, but just enough for the possibility of tingles with the high alcohol and my low tolerance. 😉

The pour was similar to many good Imperials: big, frothy foam that left some sticky, web-like lacing throughout. Outside of the sweet and alcohol aromas, the citrus aroma is very pleasant and not over whelming. The taste is exactly more of the same with a bit of a nice tropical fruit in the middle. Not much bitterness for being an Imperial which makes it even better for me. Overall the alcohol level this is an outstandingly easy drinker. I would recommend.

I am sure there will be another review tonight. Enjoy!

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