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Port Brewing Company Wipeout I.P.A. (365 Day 244)

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Port Wipeout I.P.A.

The nice thing about keeping track of your tastings of American craft beer is the ability to go back to see what you thought about a beer in the past. Wipeout I.P.A. by Port Brewing Company arrives from a two year hiatus to be American craft beer number 244.

This time around Wipeout I.P.A. agreed with me more than when I had it in the past. Maybe I have trained my taste buds to appreciate the beautiful world of hops more than I did. I really can’t believe that but at least it is a possibility.

Bread malt lends a backbone that pine, citrus, floral, and spice hops all sit upon. Bitterness is subtle and shrinks quickly but leaves a bit of pine and grapefruit lingering. Tasty and refreshing. Enjoy!

Aroma: 8 (25%), Taste: 9 (25%), Look: 9 (15%), Drinkability: 8 (35%), Overall: 8.4

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Port Brewing Company Mongo Double IPA (365 Day 152)

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Port Mongo Double IPA

The month of April has past and, unfortunately, so has the sale at the stomping grounds. Which means my ability to buy more for less is over until next year when they have the same sale. Also, the wife has put the cease and desist on my American craft beer buying. I am not mad, I agree and I have taken it one step further. Like some type of junky I am going to try and go the entire month without purchasing beer. I know a monumental undertaking, sort of like this one. 😉

Mongo Double IPA by Port Brewing Company happens to be the last of the April purchases. Rich shared one a few weeks back, so this is my second go around with Mongo. Named after a cat that passed away at the brewery, Mongo is a huge hop bomb with a solid combination with West Coast hops and spice hops. The extra zing the spice adds to the finish cuts through the other hops and lessens their affect.

It seems that Port continues to make some cheap (I don’t mean that in a bad way) IPAs that are oh so easy to throw back. I believe the Mongo is a year round release, in spite of it being the first time I remember seeing it in these parts, so I plan on being a frequent flier. Enjoy!

Aroma: 10, Taste: 9, Look: 9, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 9.3

Useless Fact: The Earthworm can clear and aerate half a pound of soil in a day. (There are, on average, 3 million worms per acre of fertile soil)

Port Brewing Older Viscosity (365 Day 54)

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Port Older Viscosity

It is hard for me to believe that I have had Older Viscosity by Port Brewing Company twice now, out of my own cellar, and I have neglected to rate. Yesterday, Rich was over watching me brew and the Bears unfortunate loss to the Packers, and I thought nothing like the present to bring out a fine American craft beer. I had had Older Viscosity before, knew it was good, so I thought this was the perfect moment to share a bottle.

With brewing beer and watching the game myself, I really didn’t have the facilities to rate this beer. In the back of my head I thought I rated it the first time I had it but much to my dismay, I was wrong.

The only thing holding me back from really being pissed at this time is the fact that I have more left in the cellar. That doesn’t help me in terms of today’s write up nor the fact that I really wanted to let that one sit a while. Although, based on yesterdays tasting, the beer is drinking mighty fine right now.

Bourbon, vanilla, dark fruits, molasses, dank earth, etc are all in the taste and nose. The dark fruit are prominent, adding quite a nice layer to the beer. Those were just some quick mental notes. Enjoy!

Useless Fact: The world’s shortest river is the “D” river in Oregon. It’s only 120 feet (37 m). It connects Devil’s lake to the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Hop 15 Ale Review

Monday, January 4th, 2010

In trying to keep with my beer reviewing new year resolutions, I decided to give Hop 15 Ale by Port Brewing Company. Hop 15 is an American Imperial IPA that was just the beer for the other evening: not too much, but just enough for the possibility of tingles with the high alcohol and my low tolerance. 😉

The pour was similar to many good Imperials: big, frothy foam that left some sticky, web-like lacing throughout. Outside of the sweet and alcohol aromas, the citrus aroma is very pleasant and not over whelming. The taste is exactly more of the same with a bit of a nice tropical fruit in the middle. Not much bitterness for being an Imperial which makes it even better for me. Overall the alcohol level this is an outstandingly easy drinker. I would recommend.

I am sure there will be another review tonight. Enjoy!

Five Reviews Led By Heavier Handed by Two Brothers

Friday, December 4th, 2009

two brothers heavier handed

It has been a while since Rich and I both had a chance to get together and review some beers. Last night we had the chance to check out five tasty American craft beers that ended around midnight. Some of the beers were repeat, some we didn’t review, as we had a good time shooting the breeze about the direction of the site, where we will head on our next few brewery hops, and what festivals we should try and hit. Good times.

I actually started the evening out about air jordan 4 20 minutes before Rich showed up with Munsterfest by Three Floyds Brewing Company an Oktoberfest. Let me preface this with the fact that I really enjoy FFF beers but this one had a mild metallic flavor that left a bad taste in mouth. The beer was also light in the impression department when it came to Oktoberfest flavor. Sorry to say, but this time FFF you let me down a bit. 5/10

Wipeout IPA by Port Brewing Company was on the docket next. We have had this beer in the past and it is one that I really enjoy and the price is so right ($3.99 this time around for a bomber). I noticed that I originally rated this as an 7, it is really due at least an 8. 7/10

In the middle of the group was Heavier Handed by Two Brothers Brewing Company. Pine, citrus, and floral hop notes are complimented by an earthy, biscuit malt. A really interesting, complex combination that Two Brothers pulls off nicely. 8/10

Alpha Klaus is Christmas seasonal offered by Three Floyds Brewing Company. air jordan 5 This American porter is a super smooth porter that has a great compliment of citrus, orange hops. This is more of what I have come to expect from FFF. Rich liked it even better than I did but I was only one behind. 🙂 8/10

Last beer of night was Heavy Seas Prosit! by Clipper City Brewing Company. A better than average Oktoberfest beer that delivers the full gambit of malty goodness. I thought a little more hops was needed to help balance the large sweetness presence. 7/10

A fun night full of beer reviews and good conversation. Enjoy!

Wednesday American Craft Beer Day

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I know I say this almost every time about Wednesday, but checking out the new American craft beers each week at the beer store is more intoxicating than the beer itself. This week there was an outstanding amount of new American craft beer that the excitement is rightly placed.

free run 5.0 femmes I was under strict instructions from the boss (aka wife) not to purchase beer since I bought 18 bombers on Saturday through my cousin in California). I scrambled and looked in my wallet, by some act unbeknownest to me, I actually had cash.

The lineup:

A couple of the beers are being held off to the side for me by Matt, the beer buyer at the store. He is a great help each week in finding the new items, even the ones not on the shelf. 😉

Several months ago when I was on a Wednesday visit a man ask if I had any suggestions for beer and that he liked hoppy beers. Modus Hoperandi by Ska was what I pointed him to. He was actually back at the store yesterday and asked for my help in getting some beers again. I hope he will be satisfied with the selection and it sort of nice for someone to seek out my opinion on beer. Enjoy!

High Tide Fresh Hop IPA Tops Saturday’s Tastings

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Saturday night was a spur of the moment get together with Rich and Miles (neighbor who enjoys American craft beer) as we found time to partake in seven American craft beers. After a month of sitting in my basement, I finally found the right moment to share four bombers that my cousin had sent me from California.

Saturdays lineup of beer:

High Tide Fresh Hop IPA was the first beer of the night that I actually cracked open before my guests arrived. Miles isn’t much for hopped beer, so I didn’t want to disappoint by forcing him to have some. A great combination of hops, both in aroma and taste, that made me think a little of the type of IPA I hope to brew. The best beer, in my opinion, of the night.

Deathly Pale Ale is an American pale ale that, for some reason, didn’t quite agree with me. It seemed that the beer was rough around the edges and never really pulled itself together to make me enjoy it. I could drink it again but not a beer that I would purchase myself again.

Cereal Killer was a 2008 bottle, so it had some time to age in the bottle. Lots of molasses with dark fruits and a splash of cocoa. The alcohol is up there but it isn’t noticeable. A good beer that I could easily recommend.

Calico Amber Ale is another amber ale that made it into the lineup. Seemed to have some dried fruit that is unique to the style for me. It was a nice twist and would recommend.

Wee Heavy is a Scottish Heavy Ale that did a great job of breaking up the night. Another beer with dark fruit and a high alcohol content. A good job is done in terms of hiding the alcohol and letting the flavors come out. Another beer that I would recommend.

I could have easily given Iniquity Imperial Black Ale a higher score but I need to have it before I have tasted five or six beforehand. air jordan 14 I really liked the addition of dark malt to give a little roasted flavor to the beer.

I don’t like to be critical but Red Tide Amber Ale was one of the few amber ales that I have tasted that I didn’t enjoy. There was some type of musty/earthy tones to the aroma that turned me off before I even tasted. For some reason I couldn’t get past them. Not a horrible beer, just one that didn’t make my recommend list.

You know it is a good night when most of the beers you have are ones that you feel good about recommending as the choices from this past Saturday. Now I have to start thinking about which bombers to try and stack up against this bunch to have a better grouping next time. Enjoy!

Wednesday Paradise at Beer Store

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

It feels so good to make a beer store visit after a crazy week last week. The sob story: I had a load of server work last week that kept me from going into work on Wednesday. I know, you feel sorry for me. I feel like a caged bird that was let out of it’s cage.

Matt remembered me from two weeks ago. He isn’t new, he just took over for Travis. He is a cool guy that loves to talk beer. I look forward to hanging out for a short bit each week. Matt mentioned there are some good American craft beers coming out soon that will be limited in release. I hope I can get my hands on them and as I find out more, I will report the beers here (Jolly Pumpkin is coming out with a pumpkin beer since many people ask why they don’t make one).

air jordan 4 femmes I don’t know if the following beers are new but they are new to the store:

I also picked up a bomber of Celebration IPA by Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery and Barleywine Style Ale (2009) by Green Flash Brewing Co.. The Flossmoor beer I am basing on the wax color and their site. The bottle doesn’t make any idication that it is the beer I believe it is. The Green Flash beer I will be cellaring for a year or so.

The lady at the cash register mentioned that the new owners are trying to give customers a better selection for less money. The bottle of Flossmoor IPA I purchased was down $3, so it is a start. Enjoy!

Two Beer Dudes Get Together with Belgian Theme

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Rich and I had a chance to get together last night but not much site discussion went on. We ate dinner then got down to business: tasting beer. Rich provided the drink and the three bombers that we had were all Belgians. The line-up consisted of (in drinking order):

If you look at the reviews you will notice that only one of us actually free run 3.0 v4 reviewed the beers but we both enjoyed them. I would rank them in the following order:

  1. Matilda (2009)
  2. Salvation
  3. The Lost Abbey – Avant Garde

Matilda (2009) really was a solid beer followed closely by Salvation while the style (Bière de Garde) of The Lost Abbey – Avant Garde might have been the biggest hindrance for me. I would easily suggest the first two to anyone interested in Belgians. Enjoy!