New Beer Resolution

By scot in Beer, Home Brewing, Lounge on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

new beer resolutions

Another new year brings on the time for some type of resolution. I have already made one for trying to lose weight and exercising more. I believe that has been the same one for the last ten years as I continue to fight a losing battle of the bulge. Now it is time to make my beer resolutions for the 2010 campaign of tasting and reviews.

I figured I could make hollow resolutions that I had no chance of reaching or make some reasonable, well thought out milestones. I choose for the ladder. So in no particular order here they are:

  • 365 beer reviews – this past year I was in the 260 range, air jordan 13 femmes some 100 short of my goal for 2010. To meet this goal on plan on making sure each beer I taste will be different and reviewed.
  • 6 brewery hops – about as many as last year but I realize this year I will have to travel longer distances and, more than likely, find time without taking the entire family. The long, boring drives, aren’t good for the kids.
  • 6 beers brewed – brewing once every two months shouldn’t be a problem as my first, an ipa this weekend, will mark number one. My wife actually likes the beers I brew, so this might be the easiest goal to attain.
  • 4 American craft brew events – find my way to at least four American craft brew events with the GABF being a really far out (and probably unattainable goal) for this year. Along with this, I plan on entering my beers into competitions.
  • Finish the site – yeah, not beer related, but I guess it indirectly is in a way. There is still some functionality to add as well as skinning certain pages. I continue to find bugs in my code, imagine that.

Try and stay warm while having a few American craft beers on this last Sunday of the NFL season. Enjoy!

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