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By scot in Site Updates on Saturday, November 21st, 2009

site updates

Per my last sips entry it hopefully is apparent that my extra time has been spent recovering from my myriad of ailments so Two Beer Dudes has suffered. Today I found about an hour of time to work a few more pages into the site design, add a link or two, and think about other pages that need to be created.

Why my sudden burst of energy. After my doctors visit today (my third in less than 24 hours), I received a prescription for a steroid to help the some swelling. free run 5.0 A side effect of the steroid is sleeplessness. My body was tired and ached but my brain had no interest in shutting down. As mentioned, a good time to work on the site.

I updated the designs on the beer rating system, add a beer, and add a place pages. Not completely satisfied with the beer rating page but, because there is so much to do on the site still, I won’t get back to that page for a while.

I also added a link to the footer for the beer rating system as the only place it could be found was on the beer pages in the right column. Haven’t decided for sure or not but I may add it to the drop down menu also.

I will start working on an establishment rating system soon but it will be more about the overall combination of some factors about the experience. Enjoy!


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