Bottling Day Is Here

By scot in Home Brewing on Sunday, November 15th, 2009

The bottles that are back in action with my first home brew.

The bottles that are back in action with my first home brew.

Two weeks after brewing my first home brew (robust porter) I was messing up the kitchen again sanitizing all the items I would need in order to bottle. You could easily say that I am a little anal when it comes to my sanitation but overkill in this department isn’t going to hurt anything.

I placed all the bottles that I might use (all 22 ounce bombers) into my dishwasher and ran a cycle. According to the guys in my homebrew club this should be enough to sanitize the bottles. match supreme txt femmes While they were going I sanitized the racking cane, tubing, bottling bucket, spoon, and various other items I thought I might need.

Once the bottling bucket was clean, I dumped in the corn sugar solution and, on top if it, I racked the beer on top. I lightly stirred the solution not trying to get air in but trying to get the bottling sugar mixed evenly. My beer filled 26 bombers.

Of course I had a taste. The beer tasted dead on for the style just without any carbonation. As long as my sanitation is on, then my beer should turn out drinkable, lol. In two weeks I will give it a test but I will assume that in three or four it should taste better. Either way I am excited. Enjoy!

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