First Homebrew Bottling Day Tomorrow

By scot in Home Brewing on Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Not quite my bottling line but it will soon be mine. :)

Not quite my bottling line but it will soon be mine. 🙂

It seems like the waiting for my first homebrew to get ready is lasting forever. The first few nights after the brew, I couldn’t wait to get home and check the fermentation progress. How many bubbles, how big the yeast cake, how long the fermentation visually lasting, etc? Silly, but on your first homebrew it is exciting times. After I racked to a bright tank, I went down each day to see if things changed: color, bubbling, temperature, etc. It has been the off to the side high light of each day as this process has matured.

I am sure as the newness of the activity wears off, I will be looking to try and find time to fit bottling, racking, or similar into my weekend schedule. There is no way I can do this stuff during the week.

Now I only have to wait another two weeks for it to bottle condition and let the tasting begin. Enjoy!

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