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By scot in Home Brewing on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

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In my quest to brew my first beer, I have been scouring the internet for a cornucopia of brewing knowledge. No matter how many online radio shows or articles I listen to, it is nothing like actually brewing and/or talking to live people who are answering your question(s) directly. Hence my bug to brew has grown even more and my search for a local brew shop upped in precedence.

So this past weekend I decided to see what was in the area. I emailed several different stores and even brewing clubs with not much reaction. Finally, I received a quick reply from a home brewing club right out of Aurora, IL: Headhunters Brewing Club. They are close, seem super nice, and their next monthly meeting is this Friday, September 18th. The guys I talked to via email: Jason and Tom, let me know more about the club, what they are about, nike lebron 11 and even the fact that they have a mailing list for asking questions.

They invited me to the meeting on Friday and said they are more than happy to take a look at my 12 year old, hand-me-down, brewing equipment. Yes, I am very excited because, after this meeting, the only thing left for me to do will get enough bombers to fill up when I brew. My wife is getting my brew kettle today on her lunch hour. She is awesome 😀 Enjoy!

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