Sun, Fun, and Some Good Brews

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Hop Whore by Tyranena Brewing Co.

Hop Whore by Tyranena Brewing Co.

Beautiful weekends in the late summer in Chicagoland are something to be enjoyed outside, with friends, and, of course, with a few awesome American craft beers. That’s exactly what the family will be doing today, Saturday. We will be heading over to Mark’s house with appearances from Ed and Shawn. All four of us are craft beer guys with myself probably being the biggest minnow of the group. I will have to prove myself worthy.

I don’t know which beers everyone will be bringing to share but I look forward to some PA beers that Ed purchased on a recent trip out there. So I know that Ed will bringing some to share. nike cortez femmes Mark has a cellared beer collection to rival many with easily over 100 beers ageing in the depths of his cement cellar. Just witnessing the collection will be good enough for me. Shawn I don’t know that well, but if he hangs out with Ed and Mark he should be a good guy. I am sure the good weather and beer will help us get acquainted.

I plan on bringing some Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale and some Tyranena Brewing Hop Whore. I am looking forward to the other beers that will be brought over, shared, and appreciated. Enjoy!

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