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By scot in Lounge on Friday, September 4th, 2009

September in Illinois has brought on new higher taxes on liquor. Beer, believe it or not, got hit the lightest: four cents or so, while spirits got nailed with a ninety-seven cent tax increase. That is nuts. But when you live in crooked Illinois you have to cover all those past governor legal bills some how.

Oberon by Bell’s Brewery, Inc. has long been one of my favorite beers and easy my favorite summer wheat beer. I look forward to the warming sun of the springtime as I know the sun on the bottle will soon be on my favorite beer store’s shelves. free run 5.0 femmes Well, I just received a phone call that they are now selling to to the local supermarket and it is on sale for a $1.50 less per sixer than at aforementioned beer store. I don’t care about the money (who am I kidding, I am dirt cheap), but the fact that they are starting to commercialize this beer to the masses, ugh, just kills me. I know that the distributor brings the beer to wherever they want in Illinois, but Bell’s is making enough that it can be distributed to those outlets.

I guess this hits hard because of the two year or so hiatus Bell’s took from distributing to Illinois because of the liquor laws. I had to drive to Indiana or Michigan to get my fix. Shit, when they first stopped, you got a 10% bootleggers discount if you purchased a sixer at Bell’s and had an Illinois license. Oh, how I long for the days gone past.

Strangely enough, the last case of Oberon I purchased seemed to be a little off. Not the same zing of citrus. Did they change the recipe? Did they cheapen it? Needless to say I am not too happy about this predicament.

On a positive note, the invitations for Two Beer Dudes Inaugural Oktoberfest are finished and are being sent out. I will get out the final beer list over the extended weekend and show off the beautiful invitations. Enjoy!

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