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By scot in Site Updates on Monday, August 10th, 2009

As October seems to quickly approach we are still without a logo. Luckily Rich knows a guy whose wife is a designer. She is working on a logo as we speak. Hopefully we will have something this week.

We are the usual people that designers hate in that we have no idea of what we want for a logo. The site is suppose to be fun, so I said a fun logo. Rich wants classy. That was the extent of our advice to her. Not much in my opinion to base a logo on. I think we will both know what we don’t want when we see it. Like I said, a designers worse nightmare.

With that said, Chris is finally getting some free time to start working on the design and I will hopefully have an updated mock up by the end of the week. I am really excited if we can coordinate the mock up with he new logo by Friday. Then I will feel like we are making headway.

Until the next site update, Enjoy!


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