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By scot in Site Updates on Friday, July 17th, 2009

Two Beer Dudes has been trying to find a simple beer review rating system since Rich and I hatched up the idea of the site some eight months ago. Over our many discussions of what we wanted the site to be and do, we decided to make the site fun and have a rating system that was easy to use and understand by even the most casual of American craft beer affectionados.

As we thought about this and threw out tons of ideas, we decided that the rating scale should be a grade based on overall feel for the beer and the necessity or lack there of, to have another one of the beers in hand. We wanted this scale to be similar to other rating scales that people had seen and used. We also wanted the scale to be pliable to the point in which a person might be able to insinuate their own values, after all the site is about your personality and subjective views of the beer. So the 10 point scale was born.

The 10 point scale is just from 1 to 10, air jordan 10 with 1 being the lowest rating and 10 being the highest. As I mentioned before: something you are familiar with from other areas of life.

Below is my attempt to explain the ten point beer review rating system in my words just to give some general guidelines. Before the site goes live in October, I would imagine my thoughts on the ratings might change, again.

  • 10 – Perfect Beer: A beer that you would drink anytime, anywhere, and all the time. Should have a crown placed around the neck of the bottle!
  • 9 – Superior Beer: The brewer must have read my mind when coming up with this recipe. I think I function better when I drink it.
  • 8 – Excellent Beer: This is some awesome stuff. Throw this over a bowl of cereal and you can’t help but start the day off right.
  • 7 – Above Average Beer: Somebody knew what they were doing when they made this beer. Would drink it often and if it was seasonal, I would get it each season.
  • 6 – Slightly Above Average Beer: A good beer that I would have again. Just a sliver away from making me say “wow” out loud.
  • 5 – Average Beer: Exactly! I would have the beer again but only occasionally. In the right scenario, I could have a few. Nothing makes it stand out.
  • 4 – Slightly Below Average Beer: Something about the beer never allowed me to turn the corner into liking it. I might have another, sometime, but wouldn’t seek it out.
  • 3 – Tolerable Beer: A beer that was okay at best and because I am trying to be kind. I personally wouldn’t buy it for myself again but I may drink a free one.
  • 2 – Not That Good Beer: Could barely swallow the beer, but only since I paid for it. But I would never have another.
  • 1 – Yuck Beer: This wasn’t pleasant to drink at all. Possibly an old or contaminated beer. I would choose a root channel over this again but the Novocain might help the flavor, especially if I was drooling uncontrollably.

Remember when you write a beer review, more than likely, you are taking your first taste of a beer, possibly only, and that there is a lot that factors into the reason you felt the way you did when you wrote a review. Some factors: mood, feelings, like or dislike of beer style, food, other beers drank before, etc. air jordan 11 These are the reasons that Rich and I will never put a review on the site below a 5. We will try and give the beer another chance on another day.

One last thing: when tasting beer only have about 2 to 3 ounces and drink beers of the same beer style. Split a 12 ounce bottle between friends, formulate your own opinion and then share with each other. Each of you may have found something different within the confines of the glass container. Really try to enjoy the beer for the style that it is and appreciate the effort that the brewer put into making the beer. Trying to be unbiased will give the best overall chance and rating for a beer. Enjoy!

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