Lazy Late Summer Days Good For Beer

By scot in Lounge on Sunday, September 6th, 2009

lazy summer day

I am the first to admit that rating and reviewing beer can be fun but I sometimes cringe at the fact of drinking a new beer, knowing that I just can’t enjoy it. Sometimes it is just good fun to pull a beer out of the fridge, stare it in the face and know that you are going to enjoy it soon, no strings attached.

Today, happens to be one of those days for me. I have been reviewing beer all weekend and it is time to take a break. The wife is gone with the kids, they will be home for a friendly get together later, free run 6 v2 femmes so why not session a few beers, catch a smooth buzz, and get ready for cookout in my own way? 🙂

Five beers into my preparation my feet are midly starting to tingle (really enjoy that feeling). I have five didn’t bombers of Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales in the fridge to enjoy with one of the invitees that enjoys American craft beer. My only apprehension: he doesn’t like “funky” beers. If you have ever had a beer from Jolly Pumpkin you know that they brew with wild yeast strains and usually age everything in some type of oak barrel.

I personally don’t know if Jolly Pumpkin is a great brewery, I just know they make some interesting brews that ignite my interest. How will someone that doesn’t like IPAs enjoy a funky beer? I can only guess. I hope that he goes along with the ride and doesn’t ruin the cool buzz I have to this point. Enjoy!

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