Old Beers

By scot in Lounge on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

I remember a commercial back about 10 – 15 years for a search engine, I believe it was Hotbot, they had all these old people in a room scrambling around trying to hide. Soon a person knocks on the door and one of elderly people says, “No old links here.” After a few beers I have had lately, I really feel like this applies to American craft beer industry. All these old beers on the store shelves, some with a nice layer of dust. IPAs, APAs, Ambers, etc. some with dates, some without, but many are old and well past their primes.

How can stores put and leave beers on their shelves that have actually have dates that have expired a year ago? How can American craft breweries allow for this? Dates on bottles are a must but if they aren’t manage by the store, distributor, or brewery, what is the use?

This isn’t my problem to solve, just my place to complain.

I guess my path is clear: since most of the local beer stores have exactly the same beers, I will just continue to go to the same store, watch when their perishable style beers come in, and either purchase or pass. I will have to pay a little more attention to the dust level but I think I am up to the task. Enjoy!

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