Great Lakes Brew Fest

By scot in Lounge on Thursday, September 17th, 2009

great lakes brew fest

Only two days until Great Lakes Brew Fest. The excitement is building. Similar to when I played basketball at any level, the butterflies are starting to fly around in my stomach. Yeah, I get a little worked up, not too much, just enough to get my edge. 😀

Rich and I have been going over which breweries we want to try and visit and have enough time to get to each one. I would also like to talk to some breweries, if possible. I have made a question sheet so that I am prepared in case I get the opportunity. Since this will be my one and only beer festival this year, I really want to enjoy the beer. powerlins ii If the interviews fall by the wayside, so be it.

The Great Lakes Brew Fest will also mark the Two Beer Dudes brewery hop for the month. Yeah, I know it isn’t a brewery but, hey, we both have jobs and lives to live. Unfortunately, we can’t meet our own desires for a brewery hop each month. I am sure we will have some good stories, pictures, and beers to share afterwards. Enjoy!

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