Two Bad Yeast Starters

By scot in Home Brewing on Thursday, September 19th, 2013


I have been on a yeast kick lately. I picked up several East Coast Yeast (ECY08, ECY13, and ECY29) vials a month or so ago. I built up each of the yeast in 2.5 liter starters. The idea was to share the yeast with some brewing buddies: Chuck, Pat and Dave. I have yet to share a yeast with any of them but I have brewed with each of them. Don’t worry, I have each yeast in storage, none older than two weeks. I will be building each back to 2.5 liter starters, splitting and building back up once again so I can just pitch.

While this was all going on I picked up a vial of WLP644, Brett Trois. I used this in a Brett Trois IPA (which is turning out fantastic). I also tried a starter of Tart of Darkness dregs.

Both starters took off well. The Brett Trois was .5 liter starter left over from the first build, which didn’t surprise, but the Tart of Darkness dregs, simply awesome to see it take off. I was excited to step the Tart dregs up again while distributing the Trois to the group.

Unfortunately, life happened.

Yes, I got busy with family stuff (always fun though), ignoring the starters, only covered with tin foil, for almost two weeks. When I finally paid some attention, the picture above is what I noticed: fly larva.

All that work down the toilet. At least I saved the gallon jugs with some good old PBW soaking. I can get the Brett Trois again (going to make the IPA again, use in a Saison and a Belgian Pale Ale, at least). The Tart of Darkness dregs are another story. The beer isn’t cheap and I don’t have another bottle. Anyone want to help out? Enjoy!

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