Central Waters Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (365 Day 342)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer, Beer on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

central waters brewing company bourbon barrel barleywine

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine

As I mentioned yesterday my next American barleywine was going to be special. That was more of a hope/want than a guarantee. The trip to the cellar had thoughts running through my mind wondering which American craft beer to choose that would hopefully knock my socks off in the style. I don’t have a ton of barleywines in the basement, so my selection was limited.

Bourbon Barrel Barleywine by Central Waters Brewing Company caught my eye as I am a big fan of bourbon barrel aged beers. I realized this wouldn’t really help me out on my quest of home brewing an American barleywine but it has bourbon in the name of the beer.

I am a fan of Central Waters beers so I expected great things out of a two year old bottle. I wasn’t disappointed. Bourbon, vanilla, toffee, dark fruits, and a touch of alcohol come through on the nose and mouth. The beer is smooth which makes for a very drinkable beer. Sweetness residue is left on the lips but it isn’t as bad as some big beers.

A solid offering, once again, from Central Waters. It is seasonal so I don’t know how easy it is to get but, if you can, get it. Enjoy!

Aroma: 10 (25%), Taste: 10 (25%), Look: 9 (15%), Drinkability: 9 (35%), Overall: 9.5

Useless Fact: Grover Cleveland is the only United States President to have been married in the White House.

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