Another New Glarus Hop

By scot in Brewery Hops on Monday, May 24th, 2010

The last time I made a trip up to New Glarus Brewing Company was the day before the official release of Cherry Stout. Fortunately, the staff at New Glarus was kind enough to head down to the old brewery and bring me back a case. So, I like to proudly believe I might have been one of the first to have Cherry Stout. 🙂

This trip was solo and it also saw the end of the life of the air conditioning in my car. A 90 degree humid day with all four windows open, chugging down the highway at 75 miles per hour isn’t the families idea of a fun road trip.

In spite of the air, I was able to score a large load of New Glarus that survived the hot back seat. Of source I set up a couple of trades, so not all the beer was for me. Also, my wife wanted a case of Spotted Cow to pay off a neighbor who takes our five year old back and forth to school. The beer I was really excited about this time around was the new Unplugged that was released: Enigma. From what I understand it is a sour brown. One is in the fridge right now and I look forward to tasting/reviewing this evening. Enjoy!

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