New Glarus Trio Reviewed

By scot in Beer on Monday, March 8th, 2010

New Glarus Brewing Company is far enough away, yet close enough that I can make a half day trip there and back. I find all their beers are intriguing and definitely look forward to trying each beer of the Unplugged series. On a recent trip I picked up their two newest seasonal offerings: Road Slush Stout and Cabin Fever. I also found a bottle of Old English Porter from the Unplugged series that I never had before.

I have to say I enjoyed the Old English Porter the most as it was a good porter with the complexities of sour added to it. new jordan The “normal” and the sour each had their place and made for a fun beer. Road Slush would be a close second. It is a straight in your face stout: roasted and smoked flavors/aromas fill the senses. Nothing here is out of the ordinary, just well done to the nth degree. Cabin Fever brings up the rear in this tough fought beer review competition. I think this beer gets some bad reputation points on the internet because it is a light beer while a lot of us are still drinking big winter beers. Well, understand what you are drinking before you strap it on. This is very crisp and clean. I would definitely have all three beers again and will soon as I have more in the cellar. 🙂

New Glarus’s beers are always easy to drink and darn tasty. I am still waiting for their first bourbon beer but I will be back up there in about two months to get the next version of Unplugged and some Moon Man, there newest year round beer. Enjoy!

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