Idlewild Creek Robust Porter Recipe Finalized

By scot in Home Brewing on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

idlewild creak robust porter recipe

In my continued quest to become a better home brewer, I am off determining the recipe for beer number five. This beer will be called Idlewild Creek Robust Porter. I want the porter to stand alone but I plan on using this recipe to bourbon oak chip age it. If I really feel saucy, I want to add a little vanilla but I am also worried about trying to get too complex. free run 3.0 v4 femmes So the vanilla might go by the wayside or I might pull out a gallon of beer just for the vanilla.

From asking questions and searching forums I know that I have to be careful with the amount of oak chips and how long I let them in the secondary as they tend to give off flavor and aroma quite aggressively. I plan on using, at most, an ounce of oak chips and somewhere in the range of five ounces. As for the vanilla, if I use the full batch, I will go with full bean at most and pair down from there based on if I split up the beer in secondary.

Here is the recipe:

SG: 1.063
SRM: 28.4
IBU: 43.8

5 gallon batch, 60 minute boil

Light DME 6.00#
Crystal 40L 0.75#
Crystal 120L 0.25#
Chocolate 0.50#
Black Patent 0.25#

East Kent Goldings 1.00 oz 4.75A 60min
Fuggle 1.00 oz 4.75A 60min
East Kent Goldings 1.00 oz 4.75A 00min
Fuggle 1.00 oz 4.75A 00min

i hope this one turns out well and will be pleasantly mellow by next fall. Enjoy!

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