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By scot in Beer, Lounge on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

The six Shorts Brewing Company beers that we reviewed.

The six Shorts Brewing Company beers that we reviewed.

Shorts Brewing Company is a favorite of mine and Rich and everywhere you turn we hear good things about their beer. On my recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan I scored six different flavors of their, tripling the amount that we had had to this point. With great pride I invited Rich over last night to taste and review.

Here is the lineup, in the order reviewed, and a few thoughts:

  • Good Humans – an American Brown Ale that was nicely dry hopped adding a pleasant layer of hop aroma. Very drinkable. 8/10
  • The Soft Parade – Fruit Beer that is full of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries is light, seemingly more suitable for the summer months. 7/10
  • Pandemonium Pale Ale – an American Pale Ale that is just a little bit better than average. Nothing really stands out which made me wonder if I might have had an old bottle. 6/10
  • The Liberator – an American Imperial IPA that is very drinkable. There is some hop bitterness to the finish but it isn’t over the top while the alcohol level (which I can only guess at) is well disguised. 8/10
  • Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout – an Irish Dry Stout is a spot on definition of the style. Although not my favorite style very easy drinking and light. 8/10
  • Mystery Stout – an American Imperial Stout that had to be contaminated in some way. Rich and I were looking up in books what the problem was. We enjoy Short’s beers so much, that we had a hard time believing what we were drinking. 2/10

The one gripe I have is the lack of information on Short’s website is void of any information about their beers outside of a little marketing blurb. At least three of the beers that we reviewed I couldn’t even find listed on their site. air jordan spizike I guess I would have to say all American micro-breweries that practice this lack of information bug me. Isn’t that part of the experience?

In Short’s defense, I did email them last night to let them know about my experience with their beers. They replied very quickly, apologizing, and trying to help with the diagnosis of why the beer might have been bad. That is some damn good customer service and why I can’t get enough of American craft beer. Enjoy!

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