Boston Tea Party of Sam Adams

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

boston beer company samuel adams old fezziwig ale

Last night Rich and I tried out the Sam Adams winter variety pack. A cheap way to try five different winter offerings from Mr. Koch.

I have to admit that once the clock hit 8:00pm and no Rich, nike lebron 11 I thought I was flying solo. Off to the beer cellar for a few beers to review on my own: Black Scotch Ale by O’so Brewing Company and Louie’s Reserve Scotch Ale by Lake Louie Brewing. By the time the beer warmed and I was half way through Black Scotch Ale, Rich showed up. We shared the Louie’s Reserve and then started on with the Sam Adams: I had to work the next day.

Time is short today so I will list the beers, scores, and then give some quick overall thoughts.

Winter Lager, Old Fezziwig, and Holiday Porter all had very similar characteristics, just some minor subtletees that made them different. All three were good to varying degrees and I wouldn’t mind having them again. Coastal Wheat is way to light and did nothing for me and had no business being in a holiday pack. Cranberry Lambic – yuck!

All in all, seven beer reviews in an evening is a bit much as the taste buds begin to go and I don’t like throwing anything out. Hey, I paid hard earned money and I will drink it all. Enjoy!

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