Pot Licker Chocolate Stout Bottled

By scot in Home Brewing on Sunday, December 20th, 2009

My second batch of beer, Pot Licker Chocolate Stout, was bottled today. After three weeks of fermenting (one in primary and then two in secondary/bright tank) I decided it was time to get it ready to drink in a few weeks. From start time to end time it took my almost four hours. Getting the dishwasher full of bottles, getting the priming agent ready, sanitizing all items, etc.

Final gravity of powerlins ii 1.018 and the taste/flavor was big on roasted and coffee like, not really what I was expecting as this is supposed to be a chocolate milk stout. I used Hershey’s powder cocoa, eight ounces, and it seemed to completely drop out of the beer in the two different carboys. Obviously being my second beer I have never worked with chocolate and I would believe this isn’t normal. But why did it all drop out? Would it be the same if I used bakers chocolate that comes in a bar instead of a powder which, in my mind, should allow it to more easily be absorbed into the wort!?!?

Also, the beer is supposed to be a milk stout. I added a half pound of lactose to the wort at the beginning of the boil and believed that this should give off the milky stout taste.

We shall see what the final beer tastes like in two to three weeks. Maybe more of the flavors I am expecting will come through. I know based on the taste today, if it doesn’t change, I will tinker with the recipe some for the next time I brew it. Enjoy!

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