High Tide Fresh Hop IPA Tops Saturday’s Tastings

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Monday, November 9th, 2009

Saturday night was a spur of the moment get together with Rich and Miles (neighbor who enjoys American craft beer) as we found time to partake in seven American craft beers. After a month of sitting in my basement, I finally found the right moment to share four bombers that my cousin had sent me from California.

Saturdays lineup of beer:

High Tide Fresh Hop IPA was the first beer of the night that I actually cracked open before my guests arrived. Miles isn’t much for hopped beer, so I didn’t want to disappoint by forcing him to have some. A great combination of hops, both in aroma and taste, that made me think a little of the type of IPA I hope to brew. The best beer, in my opinion, of the night.

Deathly Pale Ale is an American pale ale that, for some reason, didn’t quite agree with me. It seemed that the beer was rough around the edges and never really pulled itself together to make me enjoy it. I could drink it again but not a beer that I would purchase myself again.

Cereal Killer was a 2008 bottle, so it had some time to age in the bottle. Lots of molasses with dark fruits and a splash of cocoa. The alcohol is up there but it isn’t noticeable. A good beer that I could easily recommend.

Calico Amber Ale is another amber ale that made it into the lineup. Seemed to have some dried fruit that is unique to the style for me. It was a nice twist and would recommend.

Wee Heavy is a Scottish Heavy Ale that did a great job of breaking up the night. Another beer with dark fruit and a high alcohol content. A good job is done in terms of hiding the alcohol and letting the flavors come out. Another beer that I would recommend.

I could have easily given Iniquity Imperial Black Ale a higher score but I need to have it before I have tasted five or six beforehand. air jordan 14 I really liked the addition of dark malt to give a little roasted flavor to the beer.

I don’t like to be critical but Red Tide Amber Ale was one of the few amber ales that I have tasted that I didn’t enjoy. There was some type of musty/earthy tones to the aroma that turned me off before I even tasted. For some reason I couldn’t get past them. Not a horrible beer, just one that didn’t make my recommend list.

You know it is a good night when most of the beers you have are ones that you feel good about recommending as the choices from this past Saturday. Now I have to start thinking about which bombers to try and stack up against this bunch to have a better grouping next time. Enjoy!

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