Three New Beer Reviews Including Bitter Womain In The Rye

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Friday, November 6th, 2009

It has been a few days since I had the chance to sit back and enjoy a few American craft beers. That said, Thursday was an outstanding night. I am currently trying to clean out the beer fridge of my 12 ounce beers. This weekend should fix that problem. Next up will be 20-some bombers that are just calling my name. Besides those, I will be bottling my own beer in a week or so and I will have more beer than I know what to do with.

Last nights’ list of participants:

Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout had all the makings of an outstanding imperial stout: great pour and aroma, air jordan 1 femmes but come up short on taste. Everything that got me excited about the beer just wasn’t big in the taste. Still a good beer so don’t rule it out as one to try, just don’t expect it to knock your socks off from top to bottom.

Fore Smoked Stout was batter number two in the order. Before I go further, I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of smoked beers. That said, I like this beer and they did a good job of adding enough smoke to let its presence be known without taking over the beer. There was a tart dark fruit after taste that I didn’t really care for.

Bitter Woman In The Rye was third and, since it was the last, the cleanup hitter. It didn’t disappoint. There was a nice balance between sweet, caramel malt, and citrus hops. The rye was evident but not at a level that imposed itself on the beer. Like the other flavors and aromas, nicely blended into a refreshing and crisp brew. The best of the night.

Reverse the order in which I drank them and you will have the order in which I would rate them. Enjoy!

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