Rye Stout and Out Of Bounds Stout Reviewed

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


Out Of Bounds Stout by Avery Brewing and Rye Stout by Bell’s Brewery, Inc. although both stouts had their own distinguishable take on the style.

Out Of Bounds Stout was first up on the night. Poured into my pint glass with a beautiful brown foam. air jordan 13 The aroma was your usual stout but with a milk or lactate scent mixed. It was very pleasing. Chocolate, coffee, roasted malt, and some bitterness take their place both on the nose and in the mouth. A really drinkable stout that had a nice blend to the senses. I can understand how Avery keeps this as a year round beer. Session able. 9/10

Rye Stout finished off a short night of quality stouts. A nice one-inch, brown foam covered the very dark brown beer to create an inviting start. Roasted malt and coffee are the two aromas present. I could say rye, in either the aroma or mouth, and I would be stretching it a bit. The taste is finished off with a little bit of hop bitterness to help balance the large amount of malt. Lighter end of body for a stout that makes it very drinkable. 8/10

The bigger beer season is here and I can’t wait to continue to taste and review more stouts. Some bourbon oaked ones will only enhance the experience. Enjoy!

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