Central Waters Octoberfest and Capital Oktoberfest

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Thursday, October 29th, 2009


Central Waters Octoberfest by Central Waters Brewing Company and Capital Oktoberfest by Capital Brewing Company were reviewed last night and marked the first time that I tasted two Oktoberfests during the same sitting. Was a nice way to compare/contrast two beers.

Into my pint glass I poured the first offering of the evening: Central Waters Octoberfest. A handsome beer in the glass, especially as the foam diminished and became a little frothy. Much more so than the usual Oktoberfest. Grain malt and some grassy hops fill the nose and the mouth. air jordan 13 femmes The hops are a pleasant addition. Unfortunately overall a little light making it just another Oktoberfest.

Capital Oktoberfest finished off the evening of double Oktoberfests. Another nice looking beer with a similar frothy ending to the foam. Bread malt and a touch of sweet along side some minor grassy hops. Beer has a hearty mouth feel giving it a nice body. A little more meat on its bones than Central Waters. A quality Oktoberfest beer that, if you like the style, you would most certainly appreciate.

My wife really enjoyed both offerings, due to both not being completely overwhelming to the nose or palate. Enjoy!

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